About the Studio 

In 2001, Todd Partridge and his family purchased the 16,000 sq. ft. Auburn School building, built in 1923.  The 1,000 sq. ft. studio and control room were constructed in the old wood shop building and feature a floating control room structure with raised flooring salvaged from the gymnasium.  The studio is tuned for optimal audio performances with no parallel surfaces, Aurelex bass traps and sheet rock of different thicknesses sandwiched to avoid resonance and vibration.  There are 4 isolation spaces including a 6’ x 8’ isolation booth.   The noiseless HVAC system was designed by the same consultant that designed the world class Mannheim Steamroller studio in Omaha, NE. 

A full-sized gymnasium, treated with acoustic foam, adjoins the control room space and is used for recording drums, vocals and anything else that benefits from large natural reverb.  The Gym is 75’ x 35’ with 23 foot high ceilings and is surrounded by a balcony.  Additionally, there is a 30’ x 15’ stage.    Large 12’ baffles allow the reverb reflections to be moderated. 

Old School Studios is designed for a relaxing and casual recording experience.  With basketball games, skateboarding, scooters and a separate lounge space, boredom is never an issue.  The 3 acres that surround the school are on the edge of a peaceful rolling oak savannah. 

A few of the bands that have recorded at Old School: 

King Of The Tramps, The Further Adjustments, Ancient Elm, Aaron Earl Short, Lash Larue and the Hired Guns, Flasher 

Jr. Varsity,Christopher the Conquered, J Jeffrey Messerole, Honey Child, Chad Elliott and more. 

About Todd Partridge 

After using 4 track and 8 track cassette recorders, Todd designed his first studio in a 2 car garage in 1990.  It was completely analog and used tape to capture sounds.  Old School was designed primarily as a project studio and rehearsal space for his band Salmagundi and later King Of The Tramps.  King Of The Tramps have recorded 5 albums in the old school.  Todd has taken courses in engineering and producing, including a master class with 57 time Grammy award winning producer Bil Vorndick .  Music recorded in the old school has been played all over the world.  The studio was not intended as a full-time commercial facility, but is open for limited use for projects several times a year. The overriding philosophy is to provide a seamless recording process with a focus on creative tools and a fun, relaxing and professional space.    

Todd Partridge